Institute for Cosmology and Philosophy of Nature

Institut za kozmologiju i filozofiju prirode

About the Institute

The Institute of Cosmology and Philosophy of Nature is a professional community of scientists and researchers focused on the fundamental issues of material reality and the Universe as a whole. The fundamental goal of the Institute is to work on creating conditions for free, critical and thoughtful – natural-scientific and philosophical – examination of Nature, which would be free from any form of dogmatism, mechanical adherence to dominant trends and the influence of market pressures expressed either through imposing research topics on utilitarian grounds or through substituting the hyper-production of trivialities for systematic and high-quality scientific work. The Institute is dedicated to promoting fundamental research in theoretical physics and achieving a synthesis between theoretical physics and philosophy, as well as connecting other disciplines related to the understanding of Nature and humanity's relationship to it.

The Institute's activities in the field of theoretical physics currently include research in physical cosmology, gravity physics and high-energy astrophysics. The philosophical interest of the Institute lies primarily in reflecting on the development of a philosophy of nature through a critical examination of the achievements, limitations and fundamental presuppositions of natural sciences and their relationship to philosophical ideas, in the context of the wider intellectual legacy, primarily of Europe and Asia.

The main forms of activity for achieving the aforementioned goals of the Institute are – in parallel with scientific work and publishing research results in professional international journals – publishing own publications and organizing conferences, forums, workshops and schools – including special gatherings intended for discussion and mutual education of researchers working in the fields of physics and philosophy.

The Institute sees as a task of special importance the work with students and doctoral students of physics in order to familiarize them with scientific research and enable them to gain experience in preparing and publishing scientific papers, as well as the work with students of philosophy to create an open space for philosophical discussion and familiarize them with techniques and results of contemporary physics of the Universe, and theoretical physics in general.

Finally, the Institute wishes to become an active part of society and community and act as a promoter of progressive tendencies, and not as an isolated academic organization closed to the wider public. Therefore, not only the occasional and simplified presentation of individual scientific curiosities to the public – popularization of science mainly comes down to precisely this today – but also a series of continuous programs aimed at bringing scientific results and critical thinking closer to the wider community – especially young people – are a particularly important form of activity of the Institute.