Institute for Cosmology and Philosophy of Nature

Institut za kozmologiju i filozofiju prirode

Science in the Community

The fundamental social goal of the Institute of Cosmology and Philosophy of Nature is to bring modern scientific theories and knowledge closer to the wider community, to educate young generations and new researchers, to acquaint the public with the empirical and scientific method, as well as the philosophical method of examining reality, to develop critical thinking and critical examination of all natural and social phenomena, and to promote progressive social tendencies. For this purpose, members of the Institute are involved in continuous activities to popularize science in the wider community in accordance with the plan, the program and goals of the Institute.

The Institute is open for cooperation with civil society organizations and public institutions in order to establish scientific and educational centers throughout Croatia and beyond for the purpose of realizing the vision of full inclusion of science in the community.

In their work so far, in cooperation with local civil society organizations and institutions of the city of Križevci, members of the Institute have initiated the construction of a Cosmological Center with an observatory, as a place for synthesis of scientific research and popularization of science – based on grants obtained from two European funds in the total amount of 4.7 million HRK (~625,000 EUR).

The goal of the Institute is further expansion of this initiative and its realization in other areas.